Explore Church Membership

Pastors Dale and Sherrie will be leading a series of six Sunday morning classes called A Disciple’s Path, designed to help explore and examine the meaning of discipleship and membership at High Street UMC.  Please know that by signing up, you are not automatically deciding for membership – that decision will be made by each person at the end of the class.

A Disciple’s Path will be held from 9:45 – 10:45 a.m., beginning April 3 and running through May 8.  New members will be welcomed on Pentecost Sunday, May 15.

We realize that some who attend the 9:45 worship service may also be interested.  You may choose to attend a different service through the course of the study, or contact us with your interest so we can make an alternative plan.

Contact Pastor Dale, Pastor Sherrie or the church office to sign up.  We look forward to learning together.

Discipleship Catalog

The discipleship team is putting together a catalog of resources to assist people to consider/move forward in their path of discipleship/relationship with God.  If you have resources that you have found meaningful and helpful for the following categories, please send those to Deceil Moore Snyder at deceil.moore@garrett.edu.  The list below is a sampling of topics that would be appropriate for persons beginning in their faith with prayer.

  •      Church membership/presence
  •      Spiritual gifts—what are they?
  •      Basic concept of a servant’s heart
  •      Stories/witnesses of others
  •      Basics of church: e.g. what is communion about, the Christmas Story, etc
  •      Basics about Jesus’s life and story—especially anything that talks about Jesus and prayer, Jesus’ invitations, Jesus’ person, Jesus and servanthood.
  •      Studies regarding the Bible
  •      Presence in the church
  •      Idea of God calling us
  •      Inventories of spiritual gifts
  •      Discernment
  •      Info on the Holy Spirit
  •      Info on sharing our own story of faith with others
  •      Spiritual disciplines
  •     Covenant Groups
  •     Spiritual Direction
  •     Engaging our spiritual gifts
  •     Servanthood
  •     Types of Prayer