Who: Anyone who is in Delaware County and is in need of assistance with utilities, rent, bus passes (in town) and prescriptions.

When: Appointments made by phone Tuesday morning at 8 a.m. and set for Tuesday afternoon

Where: High Street Church Office

What is Samaritan Fund: It is an assistance program to help with the need of paying bills. To set up an appointment call on Tuesday morning 8 a.m. Make sure to talk to a person, because by the time we get voice mails we will have everyone signed up.  We help 12 people a week, every 6 months. We do not give out cash at any time and aren’t able to help with gasoline for your vehicle. 211 is an assistance hotline number you can call and they can help you to find other places to help assist you.

Questions: Contact Church Office at 765-747-8500